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Ladder Aluminium 1.9M+1.9M
Ladder Aluminium 1.9M+1.9MLadder Aluminium 1.9M+1.9M
Seller: : onnet24
Contact Name: onnet
Phone: 097/096 6030555
Location: Phnom Penh
Price: $138


We have Ladder Aluminium alot for u choose.
Connect now we have a best price for u.

+Model of Ladder:

-DX-190C = $198 (Dual Ladder =1.9m, one Ladder = 3.8m)

-DX-220C = $228 (Dual Ladder =2.2m,One
Ladder =4.4m)

-DX-250C = $248 (Dual Ladder 2.5m,One Ladder = 5m)

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